Working on This Blog's Layout

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tutored by my 'sister' Lyla, I was customizing this blog and it took me quite some time to do that. Thank's to Lyla, the job was done satisfactory. Alhamdulillah...

Will try to do it again tomorrow, Insya Allah... for another contents since I still need some more to be added to my page. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow 'cause it will be quite a busy day.

Tomorrow I'll become ATS, stands for Alumni Training Support, a support program from ESQ Training. In this program my duty is to support the ESQ trainer along with some other ESQ alumni.

May Allah give me strength and simplify the duty... Amen...

* Palembang, April 25 2008


The Cool Guy said...

Asslmlkm KaKak...

Mbak Defi, congrat for it.
Well, it's such a pretty sweet blog frum u.