Tag and Award

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Again, my sister in law, that productive blogger has been given a tag and an award. Then again, she passes me the award. Merci beaucoup, Lyla!

Frankly speaking, I think I don't quite deserve this kind of tag and award 'cause I'm not such an active blogger as she is. But, as a token of appreciation I think I should post them, though.

The Rules: 1.) Put the logo in your post. 2.) Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging. 3.) Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

Five things I’m passionate about apart from blogging :

1. Browsing

2. Shopping

3. Travelling

4. Eating :D

5. Sleeping

Now, I am tagging all bloggers who visit this blog cause you all deserve this tag. Happy tagging!


namaku wendy said...

aku juga suka banget eating habis itu sleeping deh huehehe:p tapi aku gak suka tagging *kaburrr ah*

3kurciss said...

aku suka banget nungging, korban pake ing...hihihi

Defi said...

@wen & @febrie...iya neh, lagi hobi ing2an gini...gara2 dikasih PR ma Lyla, musti dikerjain, kalo ga nti disetrap...xixixi..!

Ackmali@ said...

kalo ngup-ing? xixixi... korban akhiran -ing juga kan?

Lyla said...

hehehe... akhirnya selesai juga ya PR nya :)